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Should I Fix or Replace My Garage Door?

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Are you experiencing issues with your garage door? A faulty garage door might require immediate attention from a professional to ensure the safety of you and your family. A damaged garage door could potentially lead to injuries or provide an opportunity for theft.

If you suspect that your garage door is at fault, reach out to The Camber Garage Doors right away, and our team will inspect it. We can quickly advise whether the door can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. In most cases, repair is possible, and we can restore your door to full functionality on the same day.

Do not overlook minor problems with your garage door

If you notice slower opening and closing or hear unusual noises during operation, contact The Camber Garage Doors repair technicians without delay. Small issues can escalate rapidly, and what starts as a minor fault could end up requiring a complete door replacement. Address any odd creaking, banging, or vibrations promptly by scheduling a service check with our trusted garage door engineers.

Beware of electrical and mechanical failures

If your garage door fails to open or close properly, the cables inside might be twisted or severed. In a mechanical door, a broken cable can lead to sudden door closure, posing a risk of serious injury. For garage doors with electrical operating systems, a severed cable can cause shock injuries. If you suspect a cable issue, call in an engineer immediately and avoid interacting with the door until The Camber Garage Doors has resolved the problem.

Replacing your garage door

When it comes to garage door replacement, our priority at The Camber Garage Doors is to attempt repairs before considering a new door. However, certain situations might warrant a replacement. For instance, if you’re renovating your home before selling, consider replacing your garage door to add value to your property.

Furthermore, if the door sections themselves sustain damage, whether from external force or rusting, the door’s integrity will be compromised, necessitating a replacement. The Camber Garage Doors can provide you with a new, affordable, and reliable garage door – reach out to us today for a quote. Ignoring damage to door closers and tracks can lead to rust and damaged components, so address these small issues early on! Trust The Camber Garage Doors for all your garage doors needs – call our team today.

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