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Like Anything in life, the higher-priced product is usually of greater quality – garage doors are not an exception to the rule. There are a number of factors that invariably affect the price of a garage door.
Garage Doors come in a range of various materials and colours.
You should always be concerned about garage door cables fraying especially when consideration is made that the problem is only likely to get worse.
The level of waterproofing will more or less have a correlation with the price of the door. Manufacturers will often have little weatherproofing on canopy/retractable doors, but roller or sectional doors will protect against the worst elements.
The amount of insulation found in a garage door can have not only a dramatic effect on the temperature of your garage but on the temperature of neighbouring rooms. The amount of insulation that a garage door provides is represented by an international measurement called the R-value.
The bottom line is that we would strongly discourage any consumer from painting their garage door.

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