As part of a significant project, a Rundum Meir Original side gliding garage door was implemented, contributing a sophisticated and timeless elegance to a recently renovated opulent residence. And that’s precisely what we achieved in this installation!


The aim of this undertaking was to install a garage door that curves around the corner, aligning with the customer’s specifications, providing secure entry to the garage, and seamlessly integrating with the overall visual appeal of the house. The assessment of the building was conducted in November 2022, and the customer placed an order with us in January of the subsequent year. The lead time for production was approximately 12 weeks, and the installation was finalised in April 2023.

The primary hurdle encountered in this project pertained to the headroom. With a mere 130mm available, the evident solution was a garage door that rounds the corner. Unlike other types of garage doors, this design necessitates as little as 50mm of headroom, making it an ideal choice for this particular scenario. Panels are inserted on top-hung rollers and guided along floor tracks to follow the internal wall, offering an optimal alternative in garages where alternative door styles may not be feasible.


Before commencing the installation, our surveyor conducted a thorough evaluation of the garage to ensure it fulfilled the necessary requirements for accommodating this style of door. They advised the customer on various options and determined the best location for installing the socket required for the electric operator.

In collaboration with the customer, The Garage Door Centre refined the design of this customised Rundum Meir door, allowing for the incorporation of multiple remote controls for the automatic operating system. The garage door, measuring 3130mm in width and 2200mm in height, was meticulously installed by our qualified technicians, ensuring precise alignment and seamless functionality.


The appearance of the door held significant importance for this project, and The Garage Door Centre met the high standards by offering consistent coloring (spruce translucent range number 4 J235T Billinga) on both the exterior and interior of the tongue and groove superior spruce panels. The meticulous attention to detail, utilisation of high-quality products, and efficient installation process left our customer ecstatic with the final outcome. Alternatively, you can get in touch with a member of our dedicated team at 01420 474700 or via email at

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