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Security of an Automatic Garage Door

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If you’re looking to invest in an Automatic Garage Door, security is probably one of your main concerns.  Thankfully, mostmanufacturers have all the bases covered.  There are a few checks that you need to perform before you consider a purchase

Remote Control

Ensure that the automatic operator uses rolling-code technologyin its remote control handsets.  In a rolling-coded unit, a new random code is generated upon each use – it is utilized while the handset and operator communicate. This superior security feature prevents your neighbor or any other “Joe” from opening your garage door (or vice versa).  The chance that any two units will use the same sequence are small – I suggest that you stick with the lottery.

Fixed Wall-Controller

A wall-mounted unit is fixed onto an inside wall of the garage providing easy access to open/close the garage door.  While some manufacturers will include this as a feature with their line of operators, others will not.  What is so beneficial about having a wall-mounted controller? Manufacturers have started packaging their openers with a special “lock” feature.  The feature is inteded for those situations when the home-owner will be on holiday or the house will be vacated for a long period of time.  The lock essentially disables any remote control device  from being able to open the garage door.  Only those individuals who have access to the interior of the garage can open the lock (which should only be the homeowner).  The lock is disabled with a mere press of a button.

Security Light

It’s not only children who are afraid of the dark. It is why manufacturers have started incorporating a light into the operator. Again, most operators are fitted with a security light, yet I would advise that this as a requirement when shopping for an operator.  The light comes on during an open/close operation and remains on for a couple minutes thereafter before switching off again. If your operator includes a wall-mounted switch, a button is usually included on the panel to switch on/off the light.  Some handheld, remote controllers have a digital light switch included on the keypad.