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Getting Garage Doors in Petworth Ready for Winter

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With winter well on its way and warnings of snow and ice become more common, everyone with garage doors in Petworth is well advised to check that their doors are in full working order. Making sure everything is working properly and performing some routine maintenance will help keep your garage secure and sheltered through the coming harsher weather.

Electric Garage Doors

Should the power fail, household members face the inconvenience of trying to keep food fresh or reading by candle light. In the short term, these are minor inconveniences and easily dealt with, but one of the major annoyances is not being able to get your car out of the garage. Have a back-up power supply if possible, or at the least make sure you have a way to open the doors manually. Not being able to get into the garage when you need to or having your car stuck inside can make a bad situation worse.

Routine Maintenance

Checking the seals around doors for garages is important to keep out draughts, especially if you have a heated garage or use any form of heating in there. Check the seals around windows and garage doors in Petworth and replace them if necessary. Many people perform the necessary maintenance on the doors themselves, forgetting to check for gaps that may have appeared during the course of the year. If you’ve invested in insulated garage doors, make sure they can do their work by checking the insulation in other parts of the garage.

Check the Mechanism

The moving parts of garage doors are most vulnerable in freezing weather conditions, so a quick check of the mechanism that keeps your door moving smoothly will ensure you have no nasty surprises. Check that all the tracks, rollers and hinges are clear of debris and properly oiled or lubricated. Any springs can also be wiped over with an oily rag to take care of any squeaks or rattles. Make frequent inspections of the tracks to remove any dirt or debris that may get blown into them. A build-up of dirt can prevent doors opening smoothly. It’s also a good idea to make sure the tracks are still aligned properly.

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