You might have noticed it’s autumn outside. The clocks going back might have given it away, or possibly all the leaves blowing down your driveway will have made you aware. Either way, it’s a good time to think about homecare before winter rears its frosty head. A little maintenance on garage doors could be handy right now, along with some of these other homecare suggestions.

Deal with leaves

Picking up leaves in autumn isn’t our idea of fun. It’s a thankless but essential task, left to rot and leaves become slippery on pathways on driveways. Take our advice. Go on leaf patrol armed with refuse bags, a brush and shovel. You could take the high-tech approach and use a leaf sucker/blower. Form a big pile of leaves, bag them up or toss them on a compost heap. It’ll certainly make the outside of your home more appealing.

Clear gutters

Leaves cause issues with guttering too. During the autumn they have a habit of falling into gutters and this can start a chain reaction. Once the guttering becomes too contaminated with debris it prevents wastewater from escaping. Prevent this by clearing gutters at the end of autumn and it’ll set you up nicely for the winter.

Check drains

Outside drains become chocked with garden debris too. Deal with this by lifting the cover plate and scoop out sludge and debris using a garden trowel. Pour a little bleach into the drain when you have finished removing fallen leaves, moss and grime. Replace the cover and your drains should be fine for the rest of the winter.

Examine roof slates or tiles

Without a watertight roof your home is at risk of moisture penetration over the winter. Missing tiles let rainwater flood into your property. Even a simple slipped tile causes all kinds of water ingress problems, if you haven’t checked your roof tiles this autumn yet, now’s a good time to do so.

Don’t forget to contact us at Camber if you have problems with garage doors over the winter.