Which is Best? Roller Garage Doors vs Sectional Garage Doors


Choosing one type over another while shopping for a brand-new garage door can be difficult, especially when they are so closely matched. The choice between roller doors and sectional doors, two of the most popular garage door designs in the UK, will probably come down to personal preference. But let’s examine these two excellent options in-depth to help you decide that’s easier for you and to show the variations between them.

What are the differences between sectional and roller garage doors — and the similarities?

They operate in a very similar manner in terms of how the doors open and close. Rolling up vertically and taking up no exterior space in front of the garage, both roller and sectional doors are small and convenient. Therefore, you are free to leave your car as near to either door as you like without having to worry.

But when you consider design and structure, the differences are clear. A roller door is comprised of interconnected, separate slats that lock together to form a “curtain,” which rolls up smoothly when opened, and is commonly made of aluminium, though you can also choose steel. A sectional door is constructed from several panels joined together to form one continuous sheet. A greater range of materials, including galvanised steel, aluminium, timber, and GRP, can be used to make sectional doors (fibreglass).

Sectional doors slide along tracks and rest along the garage ceiling when completely opened, so they require extra internal and overhead space for installation because they do not roll up. Roller doors can be positioned inside or outside of the garage aperture and will roll neatly into a box.

Roller vs sectional garage doors: which looks best?

Although aesthetics and design are down to personal opinion, sectional doors clearly offer the most customisation when compared to other door styles. Roller doors only come in a few different designs; you can choose a  style with narrow or wider slats, but the standard horizontal slat design is always there. However, sectional doors offer a wide range of design variations from which to choose.

One of the most durable styles out there is the classic Georgian cassette which is frequently chosen for its ability to give a house a sense of class. However, If you’d rather have a more modern design, you might choose a sectional door with clear, angular lines that are widely spaced out to give it a more streamlined appearance.

The choice here depends on how much control you want over the overall design of the doors. Both styles can be decorated in a variety of different colours, which gives you the opportunity to customise your doors to your own aesthetic. in our photo gallery you will find examples for Both roller garage doors and sectional garage doors which illustrates the various existing styles..

Roller vs sectional garage doors: which is most secure?

One of the most important factors when purchasing a new garage door should be the level of security. The two safest garage door designs you can purchase are roller and sectional doors. But what are each of their security features?

Given that neither style of door has any visible points of leverage, such as door handles, they both make for great defences to protect you from potential thieves. Because of this, in comparison to, an older up and over garage door, a passing intruder will be less likely to attempt to break in.

Although there are some minor constructional differences that affect both doors’ security, both are generally reliable choices. The double-skinned roller doors are the most secure ones simply because it makes the curtain stronger. Roller doors can be single or double skinned. A sectional door’s panels can also be double-skinned, strengthening the already robust construction.

Reputable door suppliers, include the Europrofile locking cylinder, which, if a manual locking mechanism is installed, it will stop burglars from drilling through the lock, along with multiple other locking systems.

The type of door you purchase will determine the level of security you receive; if you choose the cheapest door from an unknown seller, you’re at risk of purchasing a door with weaker security features. You should research the specific model if you want the highest level of security for your door. For instance, a Secured By Design (SBD) accreditation Allguard roller door will be far more reliable than the least expensive, single-skinned variant.

Roller vs sectional garage doors: which is best for insulation?

Each slat of double-skinned roller doors is insulated with a substantial thick foam insert. Rubber weather stripping along the bottom of the door as well as top and side seals will also be installed. However, because the curtain is constructed of interlocking slats, the tiny gaps between them may lower the door’s stated U-value. Even so, a double-skinned, insulated roller door will offer enough insulation.

If you are redesigning your garage into a form of living space, having good insulation is crucial.  A sectional door has thick panels filled with foam and rubber sealing on the top, sides, and bottom. If you intend to regularly use your garage for recreational purposes, a sectional door will probably be the preferable choice due to the thickness of the foam and the fact that the door is continuous rather than interlinked.

Roller vs sectional garage doors: which is best for accessibility?

Accessibility is a common reason for replacing an outdated garage door. An automated door makes using your garage much easier and safer, especially for people with disabilities or mobility concerns.

Accessibility is a common reason for replacing an outdated garage door. An automated door makes using your garage much easier and safer, especially for people with disabilities or mobility concerns.

Roller doors are a very popular option for people with accessibility issues because they are mechanised as standard. It is just as easy to obtain sectional doors as roller doors because they are easy to use and you normally select them while in the planning stage. However, the interior room is more of a concern because you’ll also need to make room for the overhead tracks, a boom, and a motor. A roller door is an excellent choice in this case because of its simplicity.

Roller vs sectional garage doors: emergency overrides

Although automated doors are a secure option, there will be periods where they lose power and must be manually opened.In relation to accessibility, it’s good to be aware of the emergency operating process for any doors you intend to install.

We’ll install the emergency winding mechanism, which enables you to manually open the roller doors. To open the door, you must turn the winding crank on the installed panel. 

The emergency opening process is generally quite easy for sectional doors. It has a lock that will disengage the door’s motor and enable complete manual operation, allowing you to lift up and pull the door open and closed. Still supported by a spring balance mechanism, the door will carry out the majority of the work for you.

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