When there is a power outage, how to open your Garage Door!


Don’t let a lack of spark leave you in the dark!

Although though they are relatively infrequent in the UK, power outages can frequently bring entire neighborhoods to a standstill.

Many people and families will experience one of the largest “ohhhhh..” moments after a power outage when their car gets caught in their automatic garage door.

You’re in luck since we’ve created this helpful post to demonstrate how the issue can be quickly fixed in the following ways:

  1. To start, you must find the emergency release cord for your automatic garage doors; it is typically visible hanging from the door opening rail. It needs to be close to where the arm of your garage door links to it.
  2. Unlock the mechanism that fastens the door to the arm by pulling the emergency lead. Please keep in mind that even while the lead is not intended to be accidentally pulled lightly, it should draw rather easily without excessive pressure or effort.
  3. After pulling this, you can open your garage door manually by just raising the lever that is attached to the bottom of the door.

When the Power Is Back! *Rejoices*

Now, use the instructions below to return your garage door to automated operation:

  1. Completely manually open the garage door.
  2. Depress the switch or button to operate the garage door.
  3. Close the door by pulling it right now.


It’s important to note that if your garage door does not appear to have a manual lock, once you disengage this it could now be opened by anyone. As an extra security measure, you may want to remove any valuables from inside the garage until the power returns.

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