What Can I Do If the Spring on My Garage Door Breaks?


Your garage door system, like many other major appliances, depends on multiple interrelated pieces that must all function together to achieve the same goal: safe, effective, and seamless operation. A broken garage door spring can be quite dangerous and needs to be fixed right away because it is necessary for the safe and simple opening of your garage door.

In this article, we’ll show you how to recognise the warning indications of a damaged or broken garage door spring and how to fix the issue.

What kind of garage door springs are there?

Torsion springs and extension springs are the two types of garage door springs. But how do they differ from one another?

Spring tension

Torsion springs are used above garage doors and are frequently found on contemporary types; depending on the design, one or two torsion springs may be utilised for a single garage door. Compared to extension springs, they are often thicker, more durable, and tightly wound. Some of the tension in the spring is released as the garage door is raised.

Depending on the climate and how well the springs are maintained, torsion springs are typically made to withstand between 10,000 and 30,000 lifts and closes of the door.

. When torsion springs snap, they usually make a loud banging sound but it is rare for them to ‘fly off’.

extension spring

Extension springs are more common in older garages and are located at the side of garage doors above the rails. Two extension springs are normally used for a single garage door, and they are spread out along the door’s horizontal guide tracks. The strain is released as the garage door is raised by the springs compressing. Extension springs have been known to “fly off” when they break, which can be quite dangerous.

What could result in a broken garage door spring?

Damage resulting from use If you can look at your springs and see that they are entirely rusted, worn out and worn down, or occasionally broken and snapped (this will typically seem like a clean snap between the two parts of the coiled spring), you should call a professional immediately.

poor upkeep

The life of your garage door will surely be shortened if you don’t maintain it, regardless of how high-quality the product is, building on the prior point. See our guide for advice on garage door maintenance.

Accidental impact

Your garage door may occasionally become misaligned if a car backs into it. See a specialist if you think a knock may have damaged your door.

Indications of a broken garage door spring

Even though high-quality, routinely maintained garage door systems are made to last, daily wear and tear can lead to problems. You could get some cues from your garage door springs that it’s time for a replacement.

Opening and closing issues

The springs in your garage door may be worn out, broken, or damaged if you discover that it has stopped opening and/or shutting, moves jerkily, or closes too quickly. Never manually close or open your garage door for safety reasons. Further more, if your garage door is shutting too quickly, take extra care to handle the door delicately as this could be a sign of a clearly busted spring. Call Camber Garage Doors, and we’ll send out one of our helpful professionals right away to fix what’s wrong.

loud sound

This warning relies on your closeness to the break, however if you hear a loud banging noise coming from your garage, especially if it’s a torsion spring, it might be the garage door spring breaking.

The spring has a gap

A noticeable gap between two spring parts is another another sign that a spring has broken.

Uneven garage door

There’s a good probability that your springs are malfunctioning if you notice that your garage door is starting to look wonky. Your garage door’s general equilibrium will be affected, and you should replace your springs as soon as possible.

Fixing or changing a faulty garage door spring

For homeowners, a broken garage door spring is a constant hassle. No matter how eager you are to get your garage door back in working order, you should never try to replace or repair a garage door spring on your own. By doing so, you run the risk of hurting yourself, people nearby, your car, and even making the situation worse.

You should always get in touch with a technician who can safely and quickly assess and fix any issues with your garage door; professionals like Camber Garage Doors have years of expertise with these kinds of issues.

If you really must enter your garage before it has had a chance to be fixed, ask a friend or family member to hold the door open for you to prevent any mishaps.

Camber Garage Doors offers diagnosis, repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services for a variety of high-quality garage doors. They are fully knowledgeable about all aspects of garage doors. You can rely on us to maintain the health of your garage door because we have over 20 years of industry experience. For dependable garage door maintenance in Surrey, Hampshire, and West Sussex, get in touch with us right away.