If you’re looking for a safe and secure solution for your garage door, up and over garage doors may be suitable for you. They are available in a variety of finishes, materials and styles. You will be able to find the perfect garage door for your home.

Up and over garage doors are designed to last, they are easy to maintain and are very sturdy. They come in 2 main varieties; Retractable gear and canopy gear.

Canopy gear doors are vertical track based, the door slides up along these tracks and has springs or cables to ensure the movement is smooth. Installation of canopy gear doors is relatively easy. However they are not very suitable for automation. You can buy canopy gear doors with fitted frames or fit to your existing frames.

The other variety is retractable gear doors. These doors follow a track within the garage. They will have either springs or cables to ensure the motion of the door remains fluid. They are available with a frame or without a frame.

Up and Over Garage Door Features

The video below shows an example of a Up and Over Garage door from one of our manufacturers.