The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types for Security


When listing the factors that people consider most important when purchasing a new garage door, security would be at the top of the list. When you make an essential purchase like a garage door, protecting your house and the items you store in it should always be your top priority. However, it’s not always clear which kind of garage door is the safest one on the market.

We’ll show you what makes a garage door secure in this article, as well as which kind of garage door will offer the best, most reliable level of protection against break-ins.

How are garage doors broken into?

The type of garage door you have installed will always attract the attention of a burglar who is scanning a home for any weak spots. Intruders can tell whether a door is strong enough to withstand an attack because many individuals overlook their garage door security, especially if their door has been in place for a long period of time.

One method that somebody would use to break in is often by using brute force; while not being the most subtle, it can be effective against older doors with obvious gaps around the edges, flimsy locking mechanisms, or other evident signs of neglect.

Older doors that depend on flimsy latches can also be broken into very easily. If you haven’t updated to a more modern garage door, now is the time to do so. Latches that are simply held closed by a cable can be easily and stealthily controlled by an intruder.

Garage door security features

A modern garage door should be equipped with a high level of security features instantly. Newer models are much better equipped from a security aspect than older models, which were often built with limited locking systems and unsecured weak areas, typically along the top of the door.

Security features for garage doors include:

Relying on a single internal lock for multi-point locking systems is a recipe for disaster. Modern door models will generally come with two internal locks as standard equipment, with the option for extra as an upgrade.

The main lock on the door cannot be forced open by drilling thanks to the Euro profile cylinder lock. Consider it as a backup lock in case someone manages to break or remove the outer lock on your door.

Locking rods are used in place of cables, which makes it considerably more difficult for intruders to move around.

The motor in automated doors keeps the door closed unless it is opened by a remote control, making them generally more secure than manual doors. Naturally, if your door is automatic, you should take extra precautions to make sure that you don’t lose your remote control.

The security of the garage door panel will also depend on how well it was built and constructed. To determine whether one model is safer than another, you should also keep an eye out for certain accreditations. for example, choosing an Alluguard roller garage door due to its Secured By Design (SBD) certificate. 

What is the most secure garage door?

Let’s examine each style of garage door to see if there is one that stands out. The standard security for a modern garage door installed and sold by a respectable source will be significantly greater, but some types will still be more secure than others.

Roller garage doors

Due to the nature of its construction, a roller garage door is perhaps the safest type of garage door available. The small installation makes it harder for intruders to access because there are no obvious leverage points on the aluminium curtain. The level of security will be increased further with a double-skinned roller door, and for ultimate peace of mind, you may select a model with Secured By Design accreditation.

Sectional garage doors

The design of sectional garage doors, like roller doors, is what makes them so secure. As a result, it provides reliable protection against all types of intrusion, including brute force and many other methods, this is because of the extraordinarily strong panel which  leaves no leverage points for intruders to exploit. Half the battle is won when an invader sees a properly placed sectional door that shows no obvious signs of weakness and presents itself as a strong deterrent.

Up and over garage doors

Modern up and over garage doors are much safer than their more traditional counterparts. Since garage doors now meet much higher security standards than they ever did before, by choosing an up and over door from a reliable supplier is certainly an upgrade over using a model that is several years old. It does, however, provide burglars additional space to try a break-in due to the design. 

It does, however, provide burglars additional space to try a break-in due to the design.  The best course of action is to:

Add additional security measures to your door, such as alarms, a security camera, or a motion sensor which connects to a light.

Maintain your door so that the panel is in good, solid condition and that the frame remains firm.

Side-hinged garage doors

A side-hinged garage door is not just the best option for people with accessibility or mobility issues, but they are also very secure, especially when the type is insulated. To maximise security and offer even greater defence against attackers, it is important to ensure that there are several locks in place.

When buying a new garage door, the experts at Camber Garage Doors are available to offer advice, especially if security is your top priority. We can provide professional installation of the highest standards while assisting you in choosing the best high security garage door to fit your property and lifestyle. Contact us right away for more information about the security features of the garage doors we provide all throughout the UK or for more precise garage door costs.