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The Evolution of the Garage and Garage Doors

Garage doors have a richer history than you might first think. The humble garage can be traced back to homes in centuries past. Homeowners needed adequate space to store their carriages or buggy carts when they weren’t in use.  Built from two distinct pieces, garage doors would traditionally swing open, much as French doors do today.

However, innovation doesn’t stand still. The arrival of the automobile in saw an increased need for safe and secure storage. The traditional space needed for space buggies needed to be increased, and with that the garage as we know it today was born.

Given that structures have evolved to accommodate vehicles so too has their location on the building. Both style and materials used in the construction of the garage doors has evolved over the last few decades.

The traditional structure accommodates either a roll up or a flip door garage entrance. Manufactured from steel, wood or fibreglass the weight of the door can be rather substantial, though this obviously depends on whether the garage door is a single or double. Fibreglass is considered to be the most desirable material is it has qualities ensure that the garage door is both durable and requires little maintenance. Alternatively, those that choose wooden garage doors will have to dress the door with a fresh coat of paint every few years to prevent the wood from rotting. Those that opt for steel garage doors need to be aware of rotting and treat the doors accordingly.

Garage doors have changed as have garages themselves. One of the more visible changes is the position of the garage doors on the property. Garage doors can be either fixed to the detached property or as separate structures and have a number of different sizes to choose from. In the past homeowners would pull up to the garage, open the door then reverse their car into the structure. However, since garages are all too often directly attached to the property it’s paramount that homeowners choose doors that meet your purposes. Whether you choose electrical automation doors, or ones that with just a click of a button will allow you access to your garage the choice is entirely down to the consumer.

Over time doors have evolved exponentially. Since the days of the humble garage space that stored carriages to our present diverse range of functional and aesthetically pleasing garage doors it’s true to say that we’ve come a long way.