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The Benefits of a Sectional Garage Door

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Mr. Roy Jones of Guildford recently submitted a rather interesting question: “What is the benefit of a sectional garage door over other types of doors?” Firstly, sectional doors open vertically upwards. In turn, this gives you more space inside and in front of your garage and the whole opening is clear. You can park your car close to the door without having to move the car to open/close the garage door. Sectional doors can fit in a variety of garage door openings including angular and arched garages. They can fit a variety of different houses including Victorian, Georgian or even your modern 1950s home. Sectional doors are suitable for a variety of home styles. In terms of thermal insulation, sectional doors offer the greatest protection from outside temperature differences.  The insulation found in a sectional door is generally many times thicker than its counterparts.  In addition, sectional doors close nice and tight with rubber seals minimizing any possible drafts. Sectional garage doors are the most secure against burglars. Lastly, sectional automatic doors are as easily to operate as your TV. One button pressed and you can drive securely into your garage.