Are Camber Roller Garage Doors Secure?

Yes! Camber Garage Doors offer some of the most secure garage doors on the market – as long as you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Your home is your sanctuary and you want to ensure that your garage, and the rest of your home if connected, are safe day and night, whether you’re present or not. Camber Garage […]

When there is a power outage, how to open your Garage Door!

Don’t let a lack of spark leave you in the dark! Although though they are relatively infrequent in the UK, power outages can frequently bring entire neighborhoods to a standstill. Many people and families will experience one of the largest “ohhhhh..” moments after a power outage when their car gets caught in their automatic garage […]

The Most Secure Garage Doors: The Best Types for Security

When listing the factors that people consider most important when purchasing a new garage door, security would be at the top of the list. When you make an essential purchase like a garage door, protecting your house and the items you store in it should always be your top priority. However, it’s not always clear which kind […]