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Roller Garage Doors – Manual or Automatic

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Roller Garage Doors - Manual or Automatic

Roller garage doors come in two types – Automatic/Electric or Manual operation. Manual garage doors, like the name suggests, require “manual” opening/closing of the garage door.  Unlike other types of garage doors, roller garage doors are light without compromising structural integrity.  Although light, manual roller garage doors could be unsuitable for accessibility for the elderly or disabled. Automatic roller garage doors typically have a specialized tubular motor built into a barrel which rests at the top of the garage door and its opening.  The garage door or curtain rolls around the barrel. Other varieties of electric roller garage door will have a motor situated outside of the curtain on the top left/right. The technology behind motorized roller garage doors makes the price-difference between manual and automatic roller doors substantial. Manufacturers have designed automated roller garage doors with performance and reliability in mind. We always recommend an automatic roller garage door over a manual roller door for four main reasons:

  • Comfort of ease of use
  • Accessibility
  • Home selling-point
  • Security