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Lubricating a roller shutter garage door

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What is the best way to lubricate your roller garage door? First off, let’s discuss what NOT to use. Do not use thick oils or grease to lubricate to your door. Both of these types of lubricants will gather dust, grime and sand over time. The garage door will end up being worse than before the grease/oil was applied. Roller garage doors should only have lubricants applied to the guide rails of the garage door curtain.  Applying lubrication elsewhere could hamper your door’s normal operation. The best form of lubrication is a silicone spray. This gives a clean lubrication to the door. Before applying the lubricant, rub down the guide rails with a cloth to remove any webs or dust that has gathered. Once complete, apply a fine spray of lubricant down the guide rail, but do not apply too much. Other similar substitutes may work well, but again it’s all about small quantities.