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How to protect garage doors from thieves

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Buy a set of doors from Camber and they’re a great security feature within their own right. Our doors are designed to be tough and strong so thieves should think twice before they try to break into your garage. Just in case though, we came up with a few security ideas that could enhance the level of protection you already have at your property.

  • Fit an alarm: Install an audible alarm to your garage that will activate at the first sign of trouble. If thieves are stupid enough to break through the doors or smash your side window the alarm will trigger and you can react to the situation.
  • Install a security light: Fit a PIR light that activates at night when it detects movement in front of the garage. Thieves don’t like the spotlight, they prefer dim and dingy settings to do their dastardly deeds so ‘light them up’ if they step foot on your property and they’ll soon be on their way.
  • Use a CCTV camera: Wire a camera to record any suspicious activity outside your garage or use a wireless system that enables you to monitor your garage from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Have ‘eyes and ears’ on your garage at all times and pick an infa-red camera that’s capable of picking up images day or night.
  • Lay a gravel path: A crunchy gravel path is a total nightmare for criminals, you can hear them coming from a mile away. Gravel acts as an early warning device and if you are sat in your front room you’ll know right away when there’s somebody on your path.
  • Buy pull-up posts: Security posts are a good way to prevent thieves from pinching your car. If, by some miracle, they manage to bypass all your other security features they won’t be able to get the motor out of the garage anyway because they’ll find durable posts blocking their exit route.