How to Fix Up and Over Garage Door Cable


Due to their space-saving feature of suspending the garage door overhead and maintaining the width of the garage space, up and over garage doors are a popular style for many homes across the UK.

Despite their durability, there is always a chance that the up and over garage door cable will break at some point. This month, the garage door cable is the subject of our article. We’ll discuss what it does, why it could break, how to mend it, and how to replace a garage door cable as a whole.

What is a garage door cable?

The torsion spring that runs along the interior, and horizontal height of the garage opening is where the garage door cables on up-and-over units are often attached. The garage door may be opened easily thanks to the cable and spring’s combined efforts since they lighten the burden on the door, allowing it to raise it to a large extent on its own.

A plastic cone at the end of the torsion spring is where the cable, which is made of twisted metal wire that has been galvanised, attaches.

What causes garage door cables to break?

Many customers won’t ever experience a snapping or breaking of a garage door cable, but there are a number of reasons why it can eventually happen. Everything has a shelf life, and with time, a cable may start to fray from repeated opening and closing of your door. If your door is frequently exposed to damp, there is also a chance of corrosion because it is constructed of metal. If your door misaligns, this can put more strain on one wire than another. As a result, don’t be surprised if, over time, one cable gives way if this is left unchecked.

It is always advised to do regular maintenance on your garage door to preserve all parts in the best possible shape.

Some light cleaning and lubrication of your rollers and cables can help to increase the longevity of your garage door cables.

Tools needed to fix a garage door cable

If you’re looking to replace a broken cable yourself, there are several tools and spare parts you’ll want to have handy:

  • Replacement cones
  • Replacement cables
  • Pin punch
  • Tension kit
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Safety goggles
  • Safety gloves

Steps for fixing garage door cables

While replacing a cable in an up and over garage door can be challenging, it gets easier to handle repairs yourself the more you understand about your garage door. Before starting the repairs, it is necessary to ensure that the door is secure by checking to see if the springs are still under tension.

You must replace the cones, run the new cable up the side track, and make sure the cable sits around the plastic cone after resolving the tension in the springs (if one cable still functions, you must tackle the tension first).

Up and over garage door repairs from Camber Garage Doors

Get the specialists in if you’re unsure about replacing the wire for your door so you don’t risk causing further damage. Whether you are in Surrey, Hampshire, or Wiltshire, Camber Garage Doors can support with all of your up and over garage door repairs, ensuring that proper performance is restored with a smooth, even lifting action.

Contact us right away, and our trained team will be there to help with fixing your garage door, whether you have a snapped cable, your door has gotten wonky on the hinges, or you just can’t get the door to lift and retract at all.