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Getting the exterior of your home ready for the spring

We like to say goodbye to the winter as soon as possible at Camber and look forward to the beginning of spring. As the winter draws to a close and the first signs of spring start to make an appearance it’s a good time to spring clean the inside and outside of the home. These are some of the tasks you can perform outside the property.

  • Power wash the driveway: Blast away the dirt and grime that has accumulated over the winter using a mobile jet washer. Clear moss, algae and other stains from brick driveways and create a welcoming approach to the home. Power washers are easy to use and they clean large areas in short spaces of time.
  • Clean garage doors: Once you have finished power washing the driveway give your garage doors a clean. They’ll have attracted a fair amount of dirt over the winter so use the jet washer to blast them off or simply fill a bucket with water and a little soap and hand wash the doors instead. Check the condition of the doors once you have cleaned them. Look for any signs of wear and tear and treat accordingly.
  • Wash windows and frames: Clean the glazing at your property taking special care to wipe down the window frames afterwards. Create a sparkling effect and leave windows streak-free using a squeegee and a bucket of soapy water.
  • Clear gutters: Get your gutters cleaned and remove any leaves or other debris that might have fallen into them during the autumn and the winter. Prevent gutters from becoming blocked, they could spill waste water down the side of your property. 
  • Buy tubs of flowers: Give the outside of your house a little bit of colour and buy planters filled with bright, cheerful flowers. Pick your favourite blooms, water them regularly and they should last right through the spring and the summer.