Getting a garage organised – the facts you should know


Install a new set of garage doors from the team at Camber and what’s stopping you from reorganising the garage at the same time?

The doors look great, don’t let the side down with a shoddy interior, tidy up and make your garage practical and functional at the same time.

Here’s what to do…

Clear out clutter

Get rid of anything you haven’t used for over a year. Host a garage sale, sell goods online, donate them to charity or simply take the junk to a nearby recycling centre. Spend a day clearing out the clutter in your garage, bet there’s tons of trashy items you simply don’t use.

Categorise items 

Place all the items you want to keep in separate piles. Split the stash into four piles and keep gardening, DIY, motoring and leisure items together before you decide where you are going to put them.

Create zones within the garage

Have a clear plan of what is going where. Leave plenty of room for the car but consider where you can place all of the remaining belongings. This is the time to consider storage options, racks are good, boxes are useful and you could create your own wall panel with handy places to hang your tools.

Use all available space

Think you haven’t got the room for bikes, ladders and other larger objects? Why not support them from the roof? You could hang them from hooks that are fitted to the wall, it’ll free up floor space and make your garage feel less cluttered.  

Start as you mean to go on

Once you tidy the garage and find a place for everything make an agreement with the rest of the family, the rule is, use something and you have to put it back in the same place.  

It’s a little too easy to fall back into old habits when you have a tidy garage, stay in neat mode though and you’ll always have room to park the car.