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Faults and fixes for garage doors in Petworth

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Our doors are designed to provide you with many years of happiness and we are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product if you order a set of garage doors from Camber. We understand if you bought doors from another company in the past though and wanted to highlight a few problems you might experience with overhead doors in the future.

  • Door closing then opening again: If your door starts to close when you press the remote but opens again when it’s nearly at the bottom this could be a problem with the sensors inside. Possibly they are misaligned or there is something obstructing their path, make sure they are lined up correctly and nothing is blocking the sensors. If the problem persists give us a call and we’ll fix the problem, or ring the company that fitted your doors.
  • Door refuses to close: If your door starts to open but decides to close again when the gap reaches a few inches check the condition of the springs. Possibly one might be broken and this is preventing the door from opening properly. Replace the spring and it should fix this fault, it’s not a bad idea to replace the opposite spring at the same time.
  • Door doesn’t open with the remote: Have you checked the batteries? This is the most likely cause. New batteries should cure the problem, if it doesn’t, try reprogramming the garage door operator, you should find instructions for this in the manual that came with the doors.  
  • Door has difficulty sealing: If your door closes but doesn’t seal very well at the bottom you could try adding a bit of insulation on the bottom. If this doesn’t work think about installing new seals, it’ll be worth it if you intend to use the doors for a few more years.