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Tired of the daily grind of lifting and lowering your manual garage door? At Camber, we know the appeal of automatic garage doors, making life easier with just a push of a button. If you’ve been eyeing your neighbour’s automatic setup with envy, we’ve got exciting news for you! You don’t need to break your bank for a brand new door; you can easily automate your existing garage door and enjoy the luxury without the hefty price tag.

Key Considerations for Automation

Before diving into the world of automation, here are three important factors to think about:

  • Condition of Your Door: Smooth operation is key! If your door is showing signs of wear or damage, it might be worth considering repairs before automation.
  • Age of Your Door: Quality doors can last decades, but if yours is nearing its golden years, it might be the perfect time to upgrade with automation.
  • Initial Installation Quality: A well-fitted door ensures smooth automation. If your door is off-balance or wonky, it might need adjustments before automation.

Automation Options for Different Doors

Let’s explore the possibilities:

  • Up and Over Garage Doors: Easily converted to automatic, especially retractable types, offering space-saving elegance.
  • Roller Garage Doors: Elevate your luxury with automated rollers, requiring minor adjustments for seamless operation.
  • Sectional Garage Doors: Ideal for automation, these doors offer ease of use with sectional design, perfect for smooth operation.

Benefits of Automation

Why upgrade to electric garage doors?

  • Safety – No more heavy lifting means a reduced risk of injury, especially beneficial for those with mobility concerns. Built-in safety features ensure smooth operation.
  • Property Value – An automated door adds value to your property, offering convenience and sophistication that appeals to potential buyers.
  • Weather Protection- Escape the rain! Open your garage from the comfort of your car, shielding yourself, kids, and groceries from unpredictable weather.
  • Cost Savings- Keep your existing door! Avoid the cost of replacement and indulge in automation luxury without breaking the bank.

Cost of Automation

Every garage door is unique, and costs vary. Reach out to our team at Camber for honest advice and a rough estimate. We can arrange a free site visit for a detailed quotation with no obligations.

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