Dressing a driveway in simple steps


There’s not much point investing in new garage doors for a home in Alton, Farnham, Fleet or Haslemere if your driveway has seen better days. Even the most dilapidated driveways can be improved with a little tender loving care, spend a day over the weekend transforming the approach to your home and make your driveway work in harmony with your garage doors.

Here are some ideas to start you off…

Clean the driveway

Okay, the first job to tackle is a general clean of the driveway. Block paving starts to look a little grimy after a while, grease, oil stains, moss and garden debris coupled to the odd splashes of bird ‘do’ here and there really downgrade the look of a drive. The good news is a quick blast with a power washer will soon restore the paving back to its former glory, use a chemical detergent and it’ll really bring the brickwork back to life.  

Lay a fresh covering of gravel

Not everyone has a block paving driveway of course, some people have concrete or gravel approaches to the home. A quick way to transform the look of a drive is to cover old gravel or broken up concrete with a layer of fresh stone chippings. Have them delivered in bulk, shovel them out and brush them over old stones to create a clean and effective driveway, gravel hides a multitude of sins, and it’s also nice and crunchy underfoot.

Add lighting for effect

Line the edges of the driveway with a series of outdoor lights, it’ll create a warm and welcoming effect when you return to the property in the evening. Hang a light over your garage as well, pick something fashionable and it looks good, plus it improves security too.

Carefully position planters

Use potted planters to line the driveway, place them either side of your front door or next to your garage instead. Fill them with flowers or tall shrubs to create interesting features around the drive, left bare it could look a little forlorn. 

Tend to your borders 

If you have a borders either side of the driveway don’t neglect them, fill them with flowers and bring your drive to life with a sea of colours. Well-tendered borders show you take pride in your home and it’s a good way to ‘frame’ your drive. 

Trust us when we say you’ll be tons happier when your driveway looks better, it’ll make your garage doors look brilliant too.