For anyone considering purchasing garage doors in Petersfield, or indeed in other locations, it is essential to take both form and function into account. There are a range of different styles on the market and what you ultimately choose really depends upon aesthetic and operational factors.


Roller doors are perhaps the simplest type of garage door. Much like the shutters of a shop window, these doors open vertically, coiling into a roll just above the opening and requiring minimal space in the garage. The lack of out swing has an additional benefit in that they can be opened without interfering with all but a minimal space in front of the door, for example when a car is parked in the driveway.

Similarly, sectional garage doors open vertically, but utilise more robust and weatherproof panels, ideal for those who use the garage as a workspace in the winter as they keep the heat in nicely.

By far the most popular garage doors in Petersfield are retractable garage doors. These designs lift outwards but move inwards on horizontal tracks attached to the ceiling of the garage. This means that when the garage door is lifted it retracts inside the building, taking up minimal space. These doors are also readily available in electrically operated variants.


Most garage doors in Petersfield are purchased simply out of functional necessity. However, considering that a garage door constitutes a significant visual component of the exterior of any home, property owners looking to buy garage doors in Petersfield should also take the aesthetic value of the door into account.

There are a wide range of designs including traditional painted metal garage doors or rather grand looking garage doors with a timber finish. With the current preference for timber garage doors Portsmouth is one of the locations in which this material is proving increasingly popular. These doors blend well with a wide variety of traditional and modern building designs, looking particularly good in the context of a rustic building.

When buying a new garage door it is thus essential that you have assessed the available options to ensure that you find a door which meets functional requirements and personal taste. Why not explore the available options here on our website or call our dedicated service team who are ready to help those looking for garage doors in Petworth, Petersfield and Portsmouth.