Best Garage Storage Ideas – with Infographic!


Camber Garage Doors offers you some fantastic garage storage ideas that will help you organise your cluttered garage and make it look neat and tidy. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or not, our tips are easy to execute and include shop-bought alternatives if you prefer not to get your hands dirty. Check out our infographic and article below!

Organisation is key: Before you start implementing garage storage ideas, it’s essential to declutter your garage. Get rid of old and unused items by discarding them, giving them away to charity, or finding them a new home in another area of your house.

Suspended Shelving: Make use of the unused space just below your garage ceiling by installing a suspended shelf. These shelves are non-intrusive and can hold several medium-sized storage boxes filled with odds and ends.

Wheelbarrow Wall-Hanging: Keep your wheelbarrow safe and secure by hanging it on a wall bracket for quick and easy access.

Folding Tool Cabinet: Don’t let your tools rust away in a toolbox. Keep them organized and visible with a folding tool cabinet. Simply construct two or three pegboard boxes, complete with installed hooks, and hinge them together. Mount the completed hinge box onto the wall, securing it firmly.

Hooks Away: Use wall and ceiling hooks to get some key items safely off the ground and within easy reach. These hooks are perfect for storing spades, tools, clothing, and sports equipment.

Hose Bucket: Store your heavy and cumbersome hoses by fitting a large bucket to the wall and winding the hose around it. The bucket can also double up as a storage area.

Bike Rack: Keep your bikes out of the way with a simple homemade bike rack.

Shelving: Install some standard shelving to keep things old school. These can be bought and assembled from major DIY stores, but making your own from excess wood and screws is far cheaper and allows you to personalise the dimensions to suit specific items.

Fold-Away Work Table: If you need a workspace in your garage, consider building or buying a foldaway version to conserve room.

Group and Label: After reorganizing your garage, make sure to group similar items together and label boxes clearly to avoid confusion.

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