Are Garage Doors Weatherproof?


This is a difficult question to answer? How do you define weatherproof? Is a weatherproof door one that is resistant to rusting or corrosion? Is a weatherproof door one that is well insulated?

Nevertheless, the level of waterproofing will more or less have a correlation with the price of the door. Manufacturers will often have little weatherproofing on canopy/retractable doors, but roller or sectional doors will protect against the worst elements. There are some important points to consider if you are looking to purchase a door that is weatherproof:

  1. Is the door protected with rubber seals along the side and bottom of the door?  Some garage doors will come fitted with side guides (brush strips) and a draught strip along the bottom of the door that will stop draughts and leaves.
  2. Is the door insulated? An insulated garage door will help regulate the temperature not only in your garage but also to the rest of your house (if your garage neighbors your home), saving heating costs and keeping you warm.
  3. Is your garage door corrosion resistant? Is it finished with a protective finish? All garage doors should be finished with a protective coating which will lengthen is life span protecting your door from any rust. Wooden door should be appropriately treated to minimize the chance of any rot that may form.

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