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Are Camber Roller Garage Doors Secure?

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Yes! Camber Garage Doors offer some of the most secure garage doors on the market – as long as you buy from a reputable manufacturer. Your home is your sanctuary and you want to ensure that your garage, and the rest of your home if connected, are safe day and night, whether you’re present or not.

Camber Garage Doors are built with security in mind. Here’s a breakdown of the features that make them more secure than other garage doors:

Handleless design – With no handle set into the middle of the door, there is no way for a thief to pick or jimmy the lock. This also eliminates the risk of losing keys, which could give someone an opportunity to break in. Only you can access the garage with your remote or via an app function.

Fitted hood cover – A hood cover protects the top of the door, making it difficult for intruders to attack this area.

Vertical guides – The doors are set within vertical guides that are made from robust materials to keep the door sturdy and prevent it from being pried open. Alternatively, the door can be installed with the guides behind the structure of your garage opening, providing an extra layer of protection.

Slat strength – Camber Garage Doors are made from multiple slats, and the strength of the door depends on the material used. The doors are made from the strongest materials to ensure that they are almost impossible to break through without extreme force.

Visual strength – The doors look strong because they are strong, with no visible entry points or handles. A door that is completely sealed is much more difficult for a thief to break into than doors with handles, windows or visible gaps.

Anti-lift design – All Camber Garage Doors come with anti-lift technology, making it impossible to lift the roller shutter like you could with cheaper doors.

Not all roller doors are created equal. Some companies offer single-skin roller doors that are flimsy and easy to break into with sheer force or a few tools. Camber Garage Doors only supply roller garage doors from leading manufacturers, and their doors are approved by the Secured By Design scheme, an official police security initiative. This means their garage doors have been tested and meet specific standards for resistance against burglary and theft.

Camber Garage Doors serve many areas, including Hampshire, Surrey, and West Sussex. They offer high-quality doors that are designed to secure your home. To learn more about the security features of their doors or to get a free quote for a roller garage door, simply call today or use the handy form at the bottom of their website to tell them what you need.

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