Electric garage doors provide a convenient and secure way to access your garage and its contents. With just the push of a button, an electric garage door can be opened and closed automatically, making it easier to park your car or gain access to your garage without the hassle of lifting a heavy door. In this guide, we’ll answer some common questions about electric garage doors.

What Is an Automated Garage Door?

An automated garage door is a standard garage door that is connected to an electric motor and drive system, allowing it to be opened and closed automatically. They are also known as electric garage doors and are available in a variety of designs, including up and over, roller, sectional, and side-hinged.

How Do Automated Garage Doors Work?

An electric motor and drive system power automated garage doors, which can be operated by remote control or a keypad/button inside the garage. The remote control allows you to open and close the door without leaving your car, making it easy to park inside the garage or access it with your hands full.

Are Automated Garage Doors Worth the Investment?

An electric garage door is a worthwhile investment, especially if you use your garage to store your car. You can easily open the door at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to manually open the door when you arrive home or leave. Additionally, automated garage doors are ideal for homeowners who find it difficult to lift or pull the door, as the motor takes care of the heavy lifting. If you often carry items to and from the garage, the automatic opening feature will come in handy.

Which Type of Automated Garage Door Is Best for Cars?

If you park your car inside the garage, it’s important to choose an automated garage door that maximises the drive-through width of the doorway to make access easier. A sectional garage door is a good option, as it uses the entrance’s dimensions efficiently, allowing you to park safely inside the garage. With remote operation, you can enter and exit the garage without leaving your car.

Are Automated Garage Doors Secure?

Many automated garage doors come with automatic door locking for added security, which prevents the door from being forced open. Some garage doors also have built-in alarm systems that alert you if someone attempts to break in.

Are Automated Garage Doors Safe?

Most automated garage doors feature an automatic safety cut-out that stops the door from moving if there’s an obstruction beneath it, making them safe for use around children and pets.

Can a Manual Garage Door Be Automated?

In many cases, a manual garage door can be automated if it’s in good working condition. An electric motor and control system can be retrofitted to make accessing your garage more convenient, regardless of how you use it.

What Power Source Is Needed for Automated Garage Doors?

Automated garage doors typically run off the mains and require a three-pin, 13-amp socket. If your garage is attached to your home, it should have a power supply that can be used for an electric garage door. In a detached garage, you may need to connect the garage to the power supply.

Can Automated Garage Doors Be Manually Operated?

Yes, automated garage doors come with a release or bypass that allows the door to be opened manually in the event of a power outage. This ensures that you can always access your garage, even if the motor fails or the power supply is interrupted.

Are Automated Garage Doors Insulated?

The level of insulation provided by an automated garage door depends on its design. Many modern garage doors have insulated panels to keep the garage warm and dry, which is particularly useful if you use the garage as a workshop, home office, or gym. Choosing an insulated garage door will also reduce heat loss from inside the garage and your home if you have an attached garage.

Do Automated Garage Doors Have Glass Panels?

To increase the amount of natural light that enters a garage, some garage door designs feature glass panels. Manufacturers offer a variety of garage doors with window options, most of which can be automated. Electric garage doors can be made from materials such as steel, GRP, and timber, which can affect the weight and price of the door, but any material can be automated. Installing an electric garage door may take longer due to the electric motor and control system, but the job can typically be completed within half a day. Repairing an electric garage door is possible, even though there are more components that can potentially fail. If your electric garage door needs repair, such as a broken motor or failure to open or close, you can contact us for an assessment. To inquire about a new electric garage door or to learn more about automating an existing door, you can contact Camber Garage Doors for a free survey and quote at 01420 474 700 or complete their enquiry form.

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