12 The Most Common Garage Door Issues… and How To Fix Them!


We frequently receive requests to fix or replace garage doors, and sometimes the issue might have been prevented with routine maintenance. The top 12 garage door issues that people commonly experience are listed below.

1: Old garage door rollers

Rollers are required to move up and down the track system more than a thousand times during the course of your garage doors’ lifespan. Unsurprisingly, this may cause them to become worn out. You should replace your rollers about every five years in order to avoid future garage door problems and incredibly expensive repairs caused by roller breaking. 

2:  An automatic garage door won’t shut

The garage door is the largest moving object in the home with the most traffic in your house. It can be simple to unintentionally move the safety sensors because family members (and pets!) utilise it as a main entry on a regular basis. The first thing you should do if you find that your garage door won’t shut is to make sure the safety sensors are set properly. Check out our guide for more details on how to repair a garage door that won’t close.

3: The lubrication of the operator/motor rail has been neglected

Not all garage door openers require lubrication, but those that do should be serviced every one to two years. Some parts, such the screw drive operator rails, will require routine lubrication. Please remember that chain and belt drives never require oil, despite what some garage door repair firms may tell you.

4: The motor or operator for the garage door has not been adjusted

Your garage door motor can lose strength and power, just like anything else. You can fix this problem by adjusting your machine’s limit switches, which are often found on the motor’s side.

5: The garage door hinge needs to be lubricated.

We at Camber Garage Doors cannot express enough how important it is to lubricate your garage door hinges in order to prevent them from breaking from repeated use. It truly is as easy as taking some lubricant, like WD-40, and lightly spraying them once a year for a smoother and quieter running door. For more advice on maintaining your door in perfect shape and avoiding problems, see our maintenance guide for garage doors.

6: There are odd noises coming from the garage door.

If your garage door is creaking, squeaking, or grinding more than normal, it may be time to grease the working parts. But, be careful around springs. Other potential causes of a noisy garage door include wires or rollers that need to be replaced. But if you occasionally hear a loud bang, that could be a symptom of a damaged spring that has to be fixed right away by a pro. Please read our post on whether your garage door is too noisy as well.

7: The garage door is partially or entirely jammed

A bent track or a damaged moving component, such as a pulley, is often to blame when a door is having difficulty moving smoothly or is completely stuck. Look for and remove any debris or blockages in the wheel tracks. Make sure that you regularly lubricate the moving parts as part of your maintenance routine because this could be another cause of your door sticking.

8: The garage door has sealant gaps or cracks in the door.

Cracks and splits can compromise a garage door’s ability to be weathertight and safe in addition to making it look unappealing. The ideal replacement for worn-out sealants would be to replace them. To improve the quality of wooden doors with cracks, caulk can be used.

9: The garage door doesn’t shut completely

This can be caused by problems with your limit switch in the case of automatic doors. Check for any obstacles in the door’s path or covering the picture eye sensor if a garage door is hitting the ground before rising back up.

Manual causes can also include broken cables, bent tracks or worn parts – get a professional from Camber Garage Doors to diagnose your issue.

10: The garage door does not remain open in number 

The garage door does not remain open in number 

In our experience, a broken spring or spring system is usually to blame for stubborn garage doors that won’t stay open. Only fully qualified professionals can try to resolve spring problems as this is an extremely dangerous task for untrained people.

11: The garage door operates slowly.

Is your garage door moving slowly? It’s common for the spring to be the cause of this problem, but other factors can also contribute to it, so it’s always a good idea to speak with garage door experts like Camber Garage Doors who can identify and resolve your problem.

12: The garage door shuts too quickly

It is dangerous for people, pets, and moving vehicles when a garage door closes quickly. A spring or cable that has broken is frequently to blame for this problem; in order to fix it and get the door working again, this component must be replaced right away. Further assistance with these kinds of problems can be found in our article on garage doors that won’t open or close.

Helping you in making the correct decision

At Camber Garage Doors, we’re committed to giving you open, straightforward, and unbiased guidance so you can make an educated decision without the stress that meets your family’s needs both now and in the future. We can assist you if the issues with your garage door aren’t addressed by the above. For more details on pricing, check out our guide to garage door prices.